Eat And Lose Weight Course

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Eat And Lose Weight 101

Course Description:

This transformative weight loss course was created and based on my real life private nutrition and exercise programs. Through this program I lost over 107 pounds without starvation, drugs, or surgery.

In this course you will learn the effective, simple, fun, and proper ways to begin and successfully complete your weight loss journey.

If you’ve been dieting unsuccessfully over the years trying many different weight loss programs and never been able to permanently achieve your desired goals, then this is the course for you. You will learn not just food and exercise techniques but more importantly the mindset preparation and transformation you need to succeed.

Through this program you will be able to:

·Lose weight permanently without starving and denying yourself your favorite foods.

·Enjoy real food that is filling, delicious, full of flavor, and healthy.

·Know how to eat out and order food and drinks at your favorite places.

·Have more energy daily.

·Improve mental clarity and focus.

·Sleep better, deeply, and wake up refreshed and ready to go.

·Fit into the clothes you want.

·Look younger and more vibrant.

·Eliminate cravings for unhealthy foods.

·Be Happier.

To begin your journey to permanent weight loss and a happier and healthier you I will be teaching you:

·How to plan and prepare for your program by understanding the principles for effective and permanent weight loss.

·The role of nutrition and its importance to your success.

·How to prepare food and grocery checklists for your pantry, fridge, the office, and on the go.

·How to read and understand food labels and how they have played a role in your weight gain and knowing which key ingredients to eliminate/avoid.

·Setting goals(weight, bodyfat, frequency of meals, water intake, physical exercise, mental exercise and mental nutrition)

·Mental Preparation Checklist

·The Role of Exercise and how to fire up your metabolism all day. Understand male/female differences and the impact on weight.

·The role of nutrition supplements and how they can enhance your weight loss journey.

What you will get in this weight loss course:

·Learn how to prepare for success with a checklist of fat-burning foods incorporating protein, fats, carbohydrates, spices, seasoning, herbs, and condiments)

·A 12 week meal plan to get you started the right way including delicious snacks and meal recipes.

·Ten of my personal fat-burning smoothie recipes to satisfy your cravings and to get your day started right.

·Foundation checklist of nutritional supplements that are essential for success.

·Functional Fitness Exercise Programs for any age to integrate with your program.

·Checklist of how to order healthier at any place when eating out.

·Mental preparation on how to begin and end your day to reduce stress and anxiety.

·Downloadable PDFs

·The importance of water, alkalinity, and the impact of plastics on your weight and health.

·Access to my private video library on YouTube

·Monthly Health and Wellness newsletters

·Inclusion in Health Evolution’s Private Health Group on Facebook

·Access to weekly 30- minute group discussions via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout

·Lifetime email access

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Who is this course for?

·This course was specifically created for people who want to lose weight permanently and establish positive changes in all aspects of their life.

·This course is not for those looking for shortcuts and quick fixes. If you are not willing to commit and prioritize an hour each day for positive and permanent changes in your life this course is not for you.

·People who are open to learning and changing their relationship with food and themselves.